How to define the best headphones to be used when working out?

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Part 5: What are the best headphones for use when exercising?

It is complex to work out without having something else to focus on. Anyone can lift weights or while away a couple of hours on the Stairmaster whilst viewing Television, but to jog silently or pull weights with nothing but a grunting and groaning for company isn’t very much fun by any means. Mp3 music may be the obvious distraction of choice, naturally, but which earphones will you choose to listen to it on? Keep in mind, you don’t want headsets which will rattle, skip, fall or slip at the same time as you’re attempting to get yourself a sweat going.

Obviously, the very best headsets to have, on that example, are wireless types. Wires could get knotted or (something that I find for myself exasperating) they might be pulled out of that gadget you’re listening to, which leads one to either end your workout entirely, try to fiddle about one-handedly to re-connect your headsets or just keep it up in silence whilst the battery dies in your MP3 player.

Wireless headphones are clearly made with the energetic person in mind. If use a Bluetooth type, so much the better, it is possible to then also answer your phone, completely hands free.

The Jaybird Freedom may be a model exactly like this, though its quite pricey, it is possible to still pick a set up for under £100 (costs vary on this one, so it really is worth shopping around), it’ll connect quite contentedly to any gadget it is possible to think of (though, as always, it pays to twice check) and is designed with vigorous activity and exercise very much in mind. There is even a lifetime anti sweat guarantee. A discreet, lightweight, contemporary design and flawless sound replica make this a rather costly, but very valuable, buy.

If you really do desire a wired pair (or, more likely, you just can’t afford a wireless set), then your best bet is the Koss KSC 75. These are featured heavily on various other headset websites and nearly constantly make the ‘top 10’ lists for their great mix of high functioning, reasonable price and lifelong guarantee.

Yes, lifetime guarantee. You are able to return them at any time, for just about any failure. The very fact is, that after you try these babies out, you will not choose to, and so they will not let you down. For around £20 you can get these smashing headsets delivered to your door, they clip on to the ears easily and reproduce music better than most headsets that are double the cost.

So there you have it, now there’s no justification whatsoever, particularly with summer a-coming in, not to get out there and have a good workout going.